At Clean City Exports we have teamed up with numerous suppliers as there trusted partner to recycle their Steel and Aluminium cans with our various contacts within Europe.

We offer a unique opportunity to our partners. We have built up supply recycle relationships with a large number of customers who choose us because they can trust what we deliver. We offer multiple benefits of purchasing and exporting steel cans for recycling.

Steel Can Recycling Process

Steel cans are separated from other materials using a magnetic extraction device; subsequently they are melted down in a furnace at temperatures in the region of 1700°C and mixed with molten iron. Once mixed this molten liquid is poured into large moulds to set.

Later the Steel slabs are used to produce a variety of new products including vehicles and bicycles. The majority of the everyday vehicles and appliances we use contain steel parts.

Steel can be recycled repeatedly without any impact whatsoever on the quality of the material.